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The House of Enigmas Printable Escape Room Kit

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The House of Enigmas Printable Escape Room Kit

⏳ Gameplay: 30 - 45 minutes
🙋‍♂️ Age: 10 and above
👥 Number of players: up to 4 players
You have just checked the mailbox and you have found an invitation from a man called Mr. Enigma: "See you at my house!". Next to this message, you spot an address. Should you go? Curiosity always costs... You arrived there and now you have found yourself locked in a house full of weird objects and puzzles. The door requires an 8 digits Password in order to be opened. A letter catches your attention:"Hello! My name is Mr. Enigma! Thank you so much for accepting my invitation. I present you my house, The House Of Enigmas! Unfortunately, this house is a trap for the curious ones and the only way to get out is to solve all the enigmas. Every riddle, every puzzle solved... They lead you to freedom. Good Luck! Time is ticking...!"
Our adventures are designed to offer 15-45 minutes of fun, based on players’ experience, skill, age and group size. For a longer experience, you can turn our games into treasure hunts by hiding the game materials around the play space and letting the players find them before starting the game or chapters.
🙋‍♂️ AGE
Our recommended age is only a suggestion. Younger players may also join the fun, but with a bit of guidance from a supervisor.
We designed the games for up to four players, but you can adapt them no matter the size of your group. Create smaller teams and print a set of game materials for each team. Add a bit of competition and let the best team escape before everyone else!
To set-up the game, you need nothing more than paper, the provided PDF documents, a colour printer or printing service, and a pair of scissors. For all our games (except those in the KIDS section), a phone connected to the Internet is also required to check the final answer. You don’t need any locks, envelopes or special equipment. The person that sets-up the game can also join the fun!
Our adventures are perfect for parties, date nights, family dinners, classroom activities and team building activities!
1. A PDF file with the instructions and game materials
2. A PDF file with the walkthrough of the game and solutions
The game files will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Our family really enjoyed playing The House of Enigmas, and we're looking forward to playing more games in the future!


We did this Escape Room as part of my daughters' thirteenth birthday party. We had about 17 girls there and broke them up into groups. The one thing we did add was a key to the order of the 8 digits at the end but aside from that, they had so much fun figuring everything out! It took the girls from about 35-45 minutes to work through all of the puzzles so it was a perfect winter birthday activity. Something that would be nice as a printable option would be signs for photos afterwards that were on the same theme as the escape room.


Downloaded and played right away and had a fun time. Thanks!


Excellent download and easy to follow along.


Unique puzzles, clear instructions, easy to prepare and great fun!